Testing and Symptom Monitoring for On-Campus Contractors

All contractors who have been approved to be on GW campuses must participate in mandatory, free of charge, COVID-19 testing.

All community members being granted special permission to access campus are being tested weekly. This frequency may be reevaluated and scaled based on specific changes in disease transmission rates, outbreaks and an individual’s frequency in coming to campus. 

Testing is being conducted at the following locations:

  • Foggy Bottom
    • Asymptomatic Testing: Marvin Center Grand Ballroom, located at 800 21st Street, NW.
    • Symptomatic Testing: Shenkman Hall, located at 616 23rd Street, NW.
  • Virginia Science & Technology Campus (VSTC): Enterprise Hall. The front entrance facing University Drive is where registration is set up.  

Registering for Your COVID-19 Test

To mitigate crowding, you are required to make an appointment for your COVID test.

To set up your appointment for a COVID-19 test only, please follow these steps: 

  1. LOG INTO the medical portal using your GW email and password to use the online scheduling system.
    Note: you must make your appointment through the medical portal, the testing center does not have a call-in system for scheduling appointments. 

  2. ENSURE that your mobile phone number and carrier is current in the medical portal, and activate text messaging to receive your test results, as well as any updates and reminders about testing. 
  3. SIGN the Consent Form, before your arrival. Your test may be delayed if you do not complete this prior to your appointment. 


NOTE: Please do not show up to the testing center without an appointment.

Step by Step Guide

Sign Consent Form


Please note that when you initially register your testing account that the system default is set to overdue status. Your overdue status will be updated after you complete your daily symptom monitoring and receive your first negative test. 

Continue Monitoring for Symptoms

Self-monitoring for symptoms is integral to keeping our campus safe. Since you have been approved to spend time on campus, you are expected to self-monitor for and report COVID-19 symptoms on a daily basis. 

Track Your Symptoms Daily

Contractors with symptoms should not come to campus and follow up with their primary care physician for next steps. 

Quarantine Requirements

If you depart the D.C. metropolitan region and travel to and return from a high-risk state as determined by the District of Columbia Department of Health (DC Health), D.C. requires a 14-day quarantine, regardless of test results. Under this guidance, reporting to the test site and other efforts to obtain healthcare are allowed during quarantine. Virginia does not have a comparable quarantine requirement. See guidance for employees who may have been exposed to COVID-19 (PDF) and guidance for employees who have symptoms suspicious for COVID-19 (PDF).

Confidential and Secure

All test results will be confidential and will be maintained in a secure GW server and only disclosed to authorized individuals, as noted in the consent. You will be able to access your result through the medical portal. All test results (positive and negative) will be reported by the laboratory to D.C. Health, Virginia Department of Health or other state or county governmental entity as may be required by law.  

 If you test positive:

All contractors who receive a positive COVID-19 test will need to isolate for at least 10 days and will not participate in the routine testing for 90 days. Please review isolation guidance for GW employees (PDF). A graphical representation showing the process of what happens after a COVID-19 positive test (PDF) is also available for download.

Occupational Health, as well as the GW Campus COVID Support Team (CCST), will follow up within 24 hours. CCST can facilitate communication with specific GW officials if desired. Contractors who test positive should alert their immediate supervisor that they will be out of work, but do not have to reveal their COVID-19 test status. Before resuming any activities on campus, contractors will need to be cleared by Occupational Health

In order to provide for the safety of those you may have come into contact with, you will also be expected to cooperate with local contact tracing procedures, including efforts to identify and test other members of the GW community who may have been exposed. GW will be required to file a case report form for anyone we identify with a positive test with D.C. Health (Foggy Bottom) or the Virginia Department of Health (VSTC). These health departments will carry out contact tracing activities that will include interviewing you and any of your close contacts. It is very important that all members of our community cooperate with public health agencies in these efforts.

 If you test negative:

You will continue to have access to campus as long as your COVID-19 tests results are negative. Please keep in mind that the university’s mandatory COVID-19 testing is just one of several protective measures that we are requesting that you comply with in order to maintain your ability to have access to campus.