Signage Toolkit

GW has installed branded public health signage and messaging throughout campus to continually reinforce community expectations and illustrate how to use spaces safely. These signs can be found in every campus building including residence halls and academic buildings. They indicate modified room and elevator capacities, one-way directions for stairways and hallways, and provide floor marks to show people where to stand and sit.

The signs do not have crop marks or bleeds and are set up to print at actual size.

Signage Types

Facility Wayfinding

Floor graphics and signage that provide a clear path through highly-trafficked areas to maintain social distancing requirements.


STOP; For your health and safety, please use the other door




Line Starts Here; Move Forward As Space Allows





Building may be locked or under reduced access at this time; if you require assistance for entry please call. For emergencies call GWPD at 202-994-6111 or 911



Personal Responsibility

Signage, digital screens and messaging that speaks to community members about their responsibility to keep our community safe. This includes messaging about hand washing and mask usage.


Masks Are Required Indoors sign




You are responsible for keeping our community safe; clean, cover, contain



Feeling sick? Stop



Best Practices

Signage regarding the cleaning of commons areas, offices, break rooms, etc.


How to wash your hands; wash your hands frequently and for 20 seconds



Custom Messaging

We have created editable PDFs to meet the evolving needs of individual units.