The university requires quarantine for vaccine or booster-exempt individuals who meet the current medical definition of COVID-19 exposure or who have traveled outside D.C., Maryland or Virginia. According to the CDC, quarantine is used as a measure to slow the spread of the disease.


Quarantine for Exempt Individuals

Quarantine means limiting your activities, staying home, monitoring your health and social distancing (maintaining at least 6 feet) from others at all times even at home. If you need to be around other people or animals in or outside of the home, wear a face mask. 

Exempt students, staff and faculty in quarantine should notify your professors or supervisors that you will not report to class or work. You do not need to tell them about your quarantine status. 

While you are in quarantine, a hold will be placed on your GWorld card restricting your access to spaces; regardless of the hold, you will maintain access to your residence hall (if applicable), campus testing sites, and university parking garages. You should monitor your health and consult with a health care provider if any symptoms develop. 

If you are in quarantine and experience symptoms of COVID-19, reach out to the Colonial Health Center (students) at 202-994-5300 or GW Occupational Health (faculty and staff). They will evaluate your symptoms.

Types of Quarantine

There are two types of quarantine for vaccine or booster exempt-GW community members who may have been exposed to COVID-19, Exposure Quarantine and Travel Quarantine.

Exposure Quarantine for Exempt Community Members (updated 01/28/22)
Anyone who is a close contact of a person infected with COVID-19 must be quarantined per the guidance of DC Health. If you are an exempt GW community member identified as a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case, the Campus COVID-19 Support Team (CCST) will notify you, provide exposure quarantine guidance for students or faculty and staff, and provide the date of your exposure.

  • You should schedule and complete a COVID-19 test at a university test center as soon as possible.
  • Schedule and complete a second COVID-19 test at a university test center 3-5 days after you were exposed (if your first test is negative).
  • You must have two negative tests before you are released from quarantine. Only CCST can release you from quarantine.

* Please note: The GW testing sites are closed on the weekends and university holidays. If your testing date falls on a weekend or university holiday, schedule your test on the next day the lab is open.

After your release from quarantine, you should continue to monitor your symptoms for up to 10 days from your exposure date.

Exposure Quarantine Guidance for Students

Exposure Quarantine Guidance for Faculty and Staff

External Exposure Information


Travel Quarantine for Exempt GW Community Members

According to D.C. policy, if you travel outside the District of Columbia, Maryland or Virginia and are not up-to-date on your vaccines (i.e., fully vaccinated and boosted, if eligible), you must quarantine on your return. Indicate the travel on your daily survey. This will place your account into travel quarantine.

There are two ways to leave travel quarantine if you have no symptoms:

  • Test twice
    Receive two negative test results from a campus testing site. Schedule the first test for your first day back from travel; the second test should be 4 days after the first test (on Day 5). If both test results are negative, CCST will release you from travel quarantine on Day 8. Only CCST may end your travel quarantine. We cannot accept external test results to end travel quarantine.
  • Wait

    Quarantine for 10 days, and CCST will release you from travel quarantine on Day 11. 

If your first test is on... Your second test should be on or after...
Monday Friday
Tuesday Monday (no tests on weekends)
Wednesday Monday (no tests on weekends)
Thursday Monday
Friday Tuesday

Quarantine for Exempt Residential Students 

If an exempt student is exposed to a positive COVID-19 case and the student has been directed to quarantine based on their exposure to the case, the student will remain in their room/suite/unit no matter their living situation. The Campus COVID-19 Support Team (CCST) will release the student from quarantine if they complete a test as outlined above. If an unvaccinated student tests positive for COVID-19, the student will be placed in isolation by the Colonial Health Center (CHC).

Additional Quarantine Guidance For All Students Living on Campus:

In any situation where a student in a room/unit/suite is in quarantine:

  • All roommates/suitemates are encouraged to wear masks inside their room/unit/suite except when sleeping or eating.
  • For those in units with kitchens, work out schedules with the others to limit interactions while preparing meals.
  • During quarantine, utilize proper cleaning procedures when using a shared kitchen.

Quarantine for Exempt Off-Campus Students

Off-campus students in quarantine are expected to remain in their locations and follow the directives of the Colonial Health Center until released. 

Returning from Quarantine

Vaccine or booster-exempt individuals in quarantine will need a clearance from the Campus COVID-19 Support Team (CCST) to return to campus. Clearance protocols will be based on CDC and DC Health guidance and coordinated with GW’s clinical entities.

Resources for Students, Faculty and Staff

  • Pandemic Time (faculty and staff)
  • Medications
    Foggy Bottom: CVS at 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue - 202-296-0329 
    Mount Vernon: CVS at 4859 MacArthur Boulevard - 202-965-6548
    • You may request medications from any pharmacy, and some may provide delivery service.
    • For more information, please see CVS same-day delivery.
  • Food
    Whole Foods Foggy Bottom, GrubHub, Uber Eats, and Safeway offer grocery delivery services if you are in quarantine.
  • Colonial Health Center (students): 202-994-5300, available 24 hours a day, every day
  • GW Occupational Health (faculty and staff):  202-677-6230 or [email protected], available 24 hours a day, every day
  • Campus COVID-19 Support Team: [email protected]; please include your GWID in all messages to CCST
  • Medical Emergencies:
    • On campus, GW Police: 202-994-6111
    • Off campus, DC Police: 911