Office Spaces

Most staff members will not be on campus during the 2020-21 academic year. For those essential staff who will be on campus, individual offices are responsible for practicing social distancing, cleaning and service modification based on the requirements of their space and mission.

Every supervisor, principal investigator, lab manager or director has a duty to ensure their employees understand what is expected of them as a result of workspace and schedule modifications due to COVID-19. 

There are common safety requirements all office spaces must abide by:

  • They must adhere to social distancing guidance, providing 6 feet of space in every direction for each individual working there.
  • Employees must wear masks in shared spaces and when coming and going. 
  • Conference rooms should be modified and marked with stickers or tape to indicate proper furniture placement. 
  • Common area furniture may be removed and stored for future use.
  • Managers are encouraged to download and print appropriate signs for their office space.
  • Each workplace should make its own unit specific COVID-19 plan according to the provided guidance.

Cleaning Responsibilities

Individual employees are responsible for cleaning their own workspaces. Cleaning and disinfecting supplies will be supplied to each department. Facilities Services are responsible for cleaning shared areas like kitchens and bathrooms. They post the cleaning schedule of every building so that you are aware of the cleaning schedule.

Office spaces will be cleaned on the same schedule as pre-COVID-19. All bathrooms are cleaned twice per day. Kitchens within offices are cleaned three times per week.

You should call Facilities Services at 202-994-6706 if you have additional questions.

Telework Requirements and Resources

If you have health concerns and would like to request an accommodation related to COVID-19, please review the guidelines from Human Resources and talk with your supervisor.

There will be schedules set in all offices to make sure that social distancing can take place in the office spaces that are in use, staff who can telework will be allowed to telework. Teleworking options are based on phased reopening guidelines and a formal agreement between you and your supervisor. A teleworking agreement form (PDF) must be completed by you, approved by your supervisor and reviewed by Human Resources.