Enhancement to Annual Time Carryover Policy

April 17, 2020

Dear GW Community,

Writing to you today, it is clear that this spring has looked a bit different for our university. Typically, spring is a time for new beginnings with commencement on the horizon. However, with the impact of COVID-19 reverberating across our university, city, and globe, our usual spring celebrations have been interrupted, and in some cases, postponed or cancelled. On a wider scale, these interruptions have occurred not just to celebrations but to the ways that we live our lives and care for our loved ones. We understand the impact that this has had on our staff. In support, our university will be temporarily enhancing our Annual Time Carryover policy to allow all benefits-eligible staff to carry over up to 10 days of accrued but unused annual time.  

Additionally, the deadline to use these carryover days has been extended by two additional months. These carryover days must be used by October 31, 2020. There will be no change made to the number of days eligible for payout upon departing the university. The maximum number of accrued but unused carryover days eligible for payout remains at five days.

By making this enhancement, we are hoping to give you back a bit of flexibility that the pandemic has removed. We still encourage you to use annual time when you are able, even under the current stay-at-home orders. While we are all dealing with the anxieties of this challenging time, taking a day off can be invaluable to your wellbeing and mental health. 

We are providing further information on these updates, along with an FAQ on the GW Benefits website. You can also reach out to our GW Information Line 1-855-GWU-INFO (855-498-4636) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m for any questions regarding our university’s response to COVID-19.

In the midst of the many interruptions that have occurred around us, our community, even from afar, remains connected by the resilience of our employees. Our university leadership team is proud of our GW community - now more than ever. Thank you for your partnership, and I look forward to the day our celebrations can occur again. 

My best, 

Dana Bradley

Vice President and Chief People Officer