GW COVID-19 Testing Dashboard

The George Washington University is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe environment for the campus community through COVID-19 disease prevention, infection control and mitigation. As part of our efforts, GW is conducting surveillance and symptomatic COVID-19 testing, epidemiological analyses of testing and clinical data, clinical followup, campus exposure tracing, and care for faculty, staff and students authorized to be on our Foggy Bottom and VSTC campus locations. In so doing, we are working closely with the D.C. and Virginia Departments of Health.

The GW COVID-19 Testing Dashboard is updated every day and provides aggregate and daily testing numbers, results and positivity rates for the approximately 6,200 members of the on-campus community, who are required to take part in the regular testing protocol as a condition of access to campus. About 2,300 faculty, staff and contractors and about 3,900 students, including 1,400 residential students, have been approved for the spring 2021 semester to be on campus. In addition, students who are not approved to be on campus but are part of the GW community and living in the Washington D.C. area can access voluntary symptomatic or asymptomatic tests as needed, and approximately 150-200 students per week access this testing. Testing operations commenced on Aug. 17, 2020 and typically take place Monday through Friday.

GW’s diagnostic tests were developed by Milken School of Public Health researchers and are being processed in a new public health lab on campus. Testing and results can be viewed by affiliation—student, faculty, staff or contractor—as well as by campus—Foggy Bottom or Virginia Science and Technology Campus. The dashboard also indicates whether a test was performed as part of regular surveillance or because an individual was symptomatic.


GW COVID-19 Testing Dashboard

This data is presented using Tableau. Should you encounter issues accessing or interpreting the data, contact us using the Accessibility Feedback Form.

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NOTE: All data presented here are provisional and subject to change.



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