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Community Support

As the COVID-19 virus has created uncertainty and altered plans for many, including students who are experiencing additional hardships as a result, many have been asking: How can I help? The strength of the GW community is in finding ways to support and care for each other, and the current circumstances are no different.

We will continue to update this page with more information on ways that our GW community can support each other through these challenging times.


GW Cares Student Assistance Fund

The GW Cares Student Assistance Fund provides critical support to GW students in need as a result of unexpected financial hardship, including needs resulting from COVID-19 prevention and response.

More than 750 students have received aid to help with transportation expenses, housing expenses, to offset income from lost jobs, and to be able to complete their schoolwork in a safe, secure environment.


Donate to GW Cares


Students Helping Students: Student Association Mutual Aid Outreach

GW’s Student Association (SA) is finding ways to help students connect with each other for mutual aid, resources and assistance. If you are a student interested in getting involved or if you need assistance, visit the SA website.

Find SA Opportunities


GW COVID-19 Response Fund

GW health care providers are working around the clock to save lives and meet the critical health needs of our region during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The GW COVID-19 Response Fund supports the critical needs of patients, frontline care providers, staff, residents and students. Gifts will help meet the most urgent needs, including research efforts to develop vaccines, innovative treatments, and protective equipment to ensure the health and safety of frontline team members.

Support the GW COVID-19 Response Fund